Thursday, 4 October 2012

Thrifty Thursday - Contact Lenses - How much!?

Twenty years ago, at the tender age of 14, I was bought my first pair of contact lenses. Back then, along with the invention of the wheel, contact lenses were still relatively unusual, especially for a 14 year old. However I was sick and tired of not being able to see anything, waving to strangers across who I thought were friends, not being able to play sport because I couldn't see properly, the list goes on. I remember my first pair of lenses were gas permeable ones, which was a bit like putting a brick in my eye.  However, my parents were paying and I was assured it was the cheapest and healthiest option, anyway, what did I know?

I struggled on with them for four years, if a speck of dust got under them it was akin to torture, they dried out easily, too a second to drop back into place if you looked up suddenly, in short they were a nightmare. When I was 18 I took myself down to the opticians and insisted on trying soft lenses, best thing I ever did. They are infinitely superior in every way and I have never looked back. Having said that, the cost is rather irritating and I can't help but wonder what I'm actually paying for sometimes.

I've thought about saving money on this and figure that the way forward it to buy Contact Lenses Online.

Basically if you know your prescription you can buy via their website and your lenses will be with you quick smart.  At the moment I buy monthly lenses which cost around £10 per month, using Get Lenses (for example) you can get three pairs for the same price!  I suppose the thing you don't have are the contact lense check ups but they do have an in house optician should you have any questions or worries. They have loads of options to choose from including daily lenses which is something I am seriously considering due to the allergies I suffer when doing house work (I am allergic to it :)). On the website they have 30 dailies for £9.99 which is what I'm paying now so it might be worth considering. Love the thought of a new fresh pair of lenses each day rather than old soiled ones.

Saves you time and money... love!


  1. ive just checked with my prescription and its the same price i pay in asda - glad ive not been paying too much!:) you dont get solution with that, but i get mine off ebay at around two quid a bottle. sweet.

  2. just information we only provide information for those who need it


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