Sunday, 25 November 2012

Life of a Full Time Working Mummy...

I'm not trying to score points with this post, or annoy anyone into commenting about the rights and wrongs of stay at home versus working (outside the home) mums. About six months ago I was considering giving up work altogether so I could be with my boys and reduce stress in our lives. I have worked part time since I went back to work after my first maternity leave in 2009. Working three days was great and I did it for two years until I went on maternity leave for son 2. However, going back to work when he was 9 months was very very hard. He still wouldn't take a bottle and I would get very uncomfortable at work and was always itching to get home so I could feed him. Worst was, he still wasn't sleeping through the night which made working a ruddy nightmare, we were tired constantly.

After a while, the stress of it built up until we could not cope anymore, so I decided to resign and we would have to somehow manage financially. Luckily I managed to get a new job much closer to home, working two days a week instead of three. The one day difference made things so much easier for us as a family. It meant only two days getting our boys into the car to take them to my parents at 7.20 in the morning, something I have always felt very guilty about.  However, my stress levels on the whole didn't decrease. Being at home with my children was certainly no easier than being at work all day.
Around that time something happened that was amazing; I had been working for lovely teaching resource website twinkl for a while doing bits and bobs of social media in the evenings. After a while one thing led to another and it turned out that they wanted me to work two days a week, this meant I could work from home. It was like a dream come true to me - I could work from home, be there for my boys, drop off to school etc at a reasonable time - when it's light and stuff.

However, I am now effectively a full time working mum. It is hard, and the house has definitely suffered, it's an utter tip. The washing has stacked up, the house needs a bleddy good clean and it seems that we are living off easy to cook food. This is my typical Sunday evening:

  • cook whole chicken
  • boil veg to save time tomorrow
  • make three lots of sandwiches
  • iron uniform for the whole week
  • sort out swimming kits
  • clean shoes
  • change beds
  • do another load of washing, hang out, fold clothes and put away
It sounds exhausting doesn't it! But because I have no time in the week now, if we go away for the weekend then it all just becomes unmanageable. Being a full time mum AND a full time worker is hard, very hard. But it means we don't have to worry about money, I feel utterly fulfilled professionally and we are all (hopefully) happier long term. Just need to schedule in some sleep zzzzzz


  1. You sound like me! Ive tried all combinations - the full time return to work after number one, the part time, nothing, running a business from home - all flipping hard with kids to manage as well! Our compromise is I work when I can for my husbands business from home doing admin, but if the kids are sick etc I can put it off! Make sure you get that sleep ! Just ironed my uniforms and packed the tennis bags and football kit for tomorrow..zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    1. It's hideous isn't it, it's 10 o clock and I still need to hang the washing out and unload the tired...xx

  2. 1. Get a tumble drier!
    2. Get a cleaner
    I have number 1 ( and obvs lots of shrunken clothes- but they are clean and dry shrunken clothes!!!) and am getting to the point where I may do number 2. I don't even work full time but don't see why being at home means I should be working, cooking and cleaning too. Hubbie is chief tidier ( touch of the OCD) and has advocated getting a cleaner for ages- most people on the road wih families have a cleaner so I think the time is nearing where someone who will actually do the job properly and hopefully prevent us contracting the plague will be in place :-)

    1. 1) no room for tumble drier.
      2) cleaner coming round today to inspect the place, think she is interviewing me!

      Thing is that with Christmas approaching, things are going to look even more hideous and cluttered than before! I have also realised that just because I have had an ornament for many years, does not mean I should keep it. I can always get some new crap!


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