Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A Quest For a (man's) Coat...

My husband and I seem to spend a great deal of time talking about what coat he should buy. For years now, he has been seeking the perfect coat to no avail. Should it be: a blazer, a thick woollen winter type coat, a smart belted coat, a fleecey lined sort of mountaineering coat? We can never seem to find exactly what he's after. Part of the issue with coats is that it's not really possible to buy one coat that is right for all weather. For ages, we were both after a tweed blazer, until I pointed out that although it looked nice and smart, it wouldn't be warm enough for winter, but when the weather is milder, it would be too warm and you wouldn't want to actually wear it. Some people favour coats like Berghaus and North Face, but for us, they just aren't "slimming" (remember that word!) enough and always make the wearer look about twenty years older than they actually are. Having said that, there is something appealing about this North Face gilet, as it might look nice with skinny jeans, a hoody and boots (for casual wear obviously!), though £130 is a bit steep (have they put their prices up?!)
North Face Gilet
A few years ago, hubby had a lovely denim jacket/fleece combo from French Connection, but again, it wasn't really warm enough for the winter months, and he reckons now he would look ridiculous in it.
We've taken a look at these M&S tweed coats, though I have to admit they do look a little like a 1970s University lecturer would look like, but what's wrong with that? Better than looking like a (how do I finish that sentence without offending anyone?!).
M&S Sartorial Range Tweed Jacket £99
We went to have a look at it in M&S the other day. It's well made, though the cut wasn't mega flattering, though maybe hubby needed a smaller size. As I said before though, would it actually be warm enough? When would you wear it?

I'm starting to wonder if more of a wax jacket type approach might be best - looks smart (I think), last ages and is really warm. I remember having one when I used to go horseriding as a child, and having to apply some weird stuff to it (wax?!), and generally I am against clothes that require lots of maintaining, but maybe that's just the throw away culture talking.
I do like this Barbour jacket from E Outdoor, there are lots of choices but this is the one that I think I will get hubby (I am his unofficial fashion advisor).
Barbour Jacket
This is not "tacky" barbour, it's nice barbour! Would last for ages, looks smart and is warm, or will it add 20 years?! Hmm, what do you think?

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  1. Have always pondered the same thing too! The question really at the end of the day is, warmth or style? So I guess depends on how long you think you'll be in a not-very-warm place. The Barbour coat looks good.


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