Monday, 17 December 2012

Asda Christmas Goodies...

A few months ago I was lucky enough to be invited to Asda Pie Event along with hubby, we had a great look at how Asda make their pies and then made one of our own. Though I don't like to talk too much about that part as our pie came last :(

Anyway, as I am now an Asda comvertee, I had a good look at some of their Christmas offerings, (I am actually eating most of it as I am writing this post and am not ashamed to say that!).
First up, take a look and weep at the whole selection of stuff I was kindly sent by the lovely Lucie.
I was really impressed to see those stencils that people hold over pies and drinks to make special pictures (I have no idea what the official name is for these things but I have ALWAYS wanted one.) so this basically means that I can make pretty patterns on my mince pies now!

My Asda Christmas Goodie Selection!

I also love these cool sweety reindeer and santa lollies which would be great for a stocking filler. I am ashamed to say I did not offer any of this to my children, yum. They have a sort of marshamallowy feel that I loved.

Santa and Reindeer Sweety Lolly.
Flakey Christmas Tree Biscuits
The flakey biscuits are amazing. I can't stop eating them, they are glazed and delicious and I love them! What's not to like, Christmas tree shaped, flakey pastry, sugary, sweet....

Chocolate Log
The chocolate log was a lot more, well, chocolately than I thought. I suppose it's because it's from the Extra Special Range, but it's very rich and yummy. Amongst all these things there was also stollen cakes, mince pies, a huge Christmas cake and some Christmas tree decorations. I do love yummy food but I am only one person, it's going to take some time to get through it all...

I'll write another post soon on the progress of the Christmas food, it's going to be emotional.

Maybe Christmas isn't so bad after all!

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