Friday, 14 December 2012

Baby Changing Bags...Which One?

It's been a while since I've had to worry about this, but a few years ago I was consumed by worry and anxiety about which baby changing bag I was going to buy. Being the mother of two boys, I wanted something girly (for myself) so opted for a Radley bright pink changing bag. It was my second Radley changing bag, the first one was too big. Guess what? Yes, the second one was too small. In my Goldilocks style quest, I was after something, "just right". As I often covet and desire stuff that other people have, I noticed one of my friends had quite a cute yet practical girly looking changing bag I had never seen in the shops, turns out they are made by Pink Lining and there are lots of designs and I love them and I want them all! I ended up buying the Peppermint Bottom of the Garden bag.
Pink Lining Bottom of the Garden Bag
I don't think they actually sell it anymore, but I love it. There are loads of pockets, some insulated, but best of all it comes with a cute changing mat and other bits and bobs.

I've never looked much at any other changing bags as my husband banned suggested to me that I had enough. However in terms of value for money, this Baby Mel bag is pretty much on the money, so to speak. At £39.95 it has a wipe clean changing mat and all sorts. Thing I love the most though, is the way that it clips to your pushchair, this is really important, as I found when I was sent the Easywalker June, if it has rounded handles, you can't hang bags with normal straps on it.
Baby Mel Bag £39.95
Part of me feels a bit sad that I will never need to buy a changing bag again, but part of me is excited and looking forward to the next part of our lives, with our boys...

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