Saturday, 8 December 2012

Make do and mend...

This year I have officially got my figure back after having Son 2 (who is nearly 2!). In fact, if anything, I am slimmer than ever before which I can only put down to having two children to run after (well, if Victoria Beckham can use that as an excuse then so can I!). I've had a good look on the high street for what I'm going to wear for my Christmas do, but I am yet to find anything that really encapsulates what I'm after. So I've decided to do something radical, I'm going to make do and mend! So basically, I have a Coast dress that I bought about ten years. It's a classic LBD, except for it isn't, as it looks rather dated now. So I've taken it to my local garment alterations place, and I'm having it brought bang up to date. It would have helped if I had taken a picture before I took it, as the before and after would look quite interesting, but of course I didn't. So instead you will have to rely on my description. It's a boned black dress in duchess satin, very slim fitting. It has a sweet heart neckline and is an A line at the bottom. It also has very thin straps which do nothing for my rather rounded shoulders. So what I am having done is:
  • the A line is being shaped round to a tulip shape (as the dressmaker put it), or pencil skirt type style.
  • the excess material from the skirt is being made into thicker straps which will be really tight so they don't slip down all the time.
  • The neckline is being squared off which is far more flattering to those of us who are not blessed in that area.
I will post a picture when it's done, but I'm expecting great things. Best of all it is only costing £35 for all of that which is far less than a similar dress would cost new. I have a wedding to go to after Christmas so I might get a faux fur shrug and wear it to that too! Far better to spend money on things I am going to wear regularly than on one item, or am I being really tight and I should treat myself to a new dress?!
What do you think?


  1. Well done you! You know what I think - I hate to spend money out on something I probably won't wear much. I did the same for a do this year- altered a ball gown I last wore over 10 years ago! Saved me a fortune. I think if you absolutely fall in love with something new and have the money to spend then go for it, but if not then " make do and mend" is the way to go. Bet you have just a good a time! X

    1. So true! I'm going to an awards ceremony in January and I've an old ball dress from when I graduated that I was intending to put on eBay, but actually I think I'll just have some alterations made to bring it up to date! Thing is I'm slimmer now than I was then so I can have it taken in and made more flattering. Far rather spend the money on good quality everyday clothes!


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