Sunday, 9 December 2012

Nursery Re-Vamp..

Our house is a tip, especially since I went back to work full time. The ironing basket is constantly overflowing, the dust is gathering, the washing piles up and up (I now have a "two wear" rule for all clothes!) and the surfaces seem to require constant wiping. The one job I enjoy doing is bleaching the dish cloth, I dislike any sort of smell and the bleach eradicates it instantly! Anyway, with this in mind, we are now employing the services of a cleaner so I actually have time to get some work done and earn the money to pay for the cleaner as that is quite important.

Anyway, with all this mind, we've decided to have a bit of a rethink of son 2's bedroom. The poor thing did not benefit from the careful planning that went into son 1's nursery. In fact,  son 2's room is essentially a guest room with a cot in it. This is one of the drawbacks of living in a three bedroom house - there simple aren't enough rooms! Having said that, now that we have taken the dramatic steps of taking the stairgates off, it feels that it might be time to make son 2's room a bit more, "big boy". We are in two minds as to whether we should get son 2 a bed or assign him to the double bed already in the room, it seems cruel - but I just can't logically approve of getting rid of a perfectly good bed in order to make room for a new one...

This time, I want to make sure that he gets the room he deserves, so I've been scouring the internet in an attempt to find the best stuff. I love the idea of getting nursery wallpaper that is made specifically for children, and this one is definitely my favourite.
Kidsen Wallpaper
In terms of decor, we could do with some new bedding and certainly some accessories such as a pillow in a bag.
Kidsen Pillow in a Bag
In terms of bed, my older son has a Silent Night My First Bed, which he loves. He only really started sleeping in past 5am since we bought him the bed when he was about 2 and a half. At the time I bought some bedding in TK Maxx, including a feather duvet, which he loves. Although the feathers do bunch up a bit which means that the duvet requires more or less constant shaking!

So, back to the bed situation, are we right to keep him in the double, or will he looks very small and hate it!?

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