Friday, 14 December 2012

Sponsored Video - Tom Tom Game!

I've always been one for getting horribly lost, all the time. It's ever so frustrating, and also takes up quite a lot of time and petrol. Now I have a sat nav, I still do occasionally get lost, but less so. Still, I do wonder if the very act of buying a sat nav is a bit like giving up, like, I'm never going to find my way anywhere so what's the point in even trying!

Speaking of sat navs, Tom Tom have a great competition at the mo that I thought you would like to hear about. Basically all you have to do is click on the link above and you have the chance to win a great driving experience by selecting a wrapped continent and "unwrapping" it! Sound cool or what?!
Once you've unwrapped a route, you'll be able to upload a file explaining why you should be the winner! There are lots of other spot prizes to win and the competition ends on the 15th January 2013.

I can also give you a special code for extra coins for the game! How cool is that!


Anyway, I'm just off over to enter, though knowing my navigational skills, I don't stand much chance, weep...

This is a sponsored post though all thoughts are my own.

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