Sunday, 16 December 2012

Where do you shop for your children?

Sometimes it can be hard to know what to do for your children in terms of clothing. Part of me is tempted to get everything in cheap shops since they grow out of things so quickly. But it seems a shame to always have them in cheap clothes, and as they are getting older, clothes don't seem to be grown out of so quickly so maybe it's time to splash out. We buy a few bits and pieces in places like Crew and Joules for my older son, the reasoning being that everything of his will also be worn by my younger son. So far, son 1 has never once moaned or indicated a preference to what he wears, he just doesn't seem bothered at all.

For my younger son, we were looking today for something nice for him to wear on Christmas day, but just couldn't find anything smart enough that would also be comfortable for rolling around the floor all day. I do like Scandinavian designs for kids like Molo (there are great things like this available in TK Maxx - thanks for the info Claire!), I've found a lovely kids clothes shop today with some really colourful bits and pieces.  I spotted this ridiculously gorgeous t shirt , I love anything with applique on it and ducks are always a winner!
A few months ago I spotted another shop with kids clothes in that were hand wash only! How ridiculous is that?!

What clothes do your children wear?

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  1. I have given in when it comes to jeans as the boys constantly play football and the knees get stained and then ripped whatever the brand , so Primark for £5 a go does them. Special occasions I do get a few items that are a bit "quirky " and individual to each child. T K Maxx has thrown up some good buys for a polo shirt or two for the boys or a pretty dress for my girl. I must admit to also liking Zara girls stuff and Baker Boy for the boys for smart wear! Happy Christmas by the way ( just enjoy the kids - thats what I do!)


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