Saturday, 15 December 2012

Why I don't like Christmas...

There must be something wrong with me, I must be the only person in the whole world, who dreads Christmas. I couldn't tell you when it began, maybe it was because Christmas always had the impending threat of having to be nice to people all the time. It might be just be, I can be a miserable so and so, but I'm not good at being nice on demand. Christmas always makes me feel a bit trapped: trapped into spending my hard earned money on buying things for people that they probably don't even want; trapped into being places I don't want to be; trapped into eating Christmas dinner, which I don't even like particularly. I don't enjoy traditions, because I don't really like being told what to do, and to me, that's what a tradition is.
My thoughts exactly...

Thing is, with the buying pressies thing, it fails on so many counts. I can see that it's nice to buy presents for children, let's be honest, they aren't bothered how much you spend, as long as it looks "big". But buying presents for grown adults who are perfectly capable of buying things for themselves (at half the price in the sales a week later) seems ludicrous. I like the idea of making home made jams and biscuits or something, but it's never something I am organised enough to do. Some people do things like offering to help someone or give their time up instead of buying something, but I have no time to give! Also, what is the point in sending Christmas cards? With the price of stamps these days the stamp costs more than the card, then you have them cluttering up your house for weeks on end before you can finally breathe a sigh of relief and recycle them all which requires more work, plus the loss of trees in the making of them.

The other thing I don't like about Christmas is spending too much time cooped up in the house. Central heating does not agree with me and makes my lips swell up (have no idea why this is) so spending hours and hours indoors does me no favours. Since all the shops are shut, the only other alternative is going for a walk which with a screaming 21 month old who always wants to walk the other way and hates being in a pushchair, is no joke.

And while I'm on the subject, I don't like Christmas decorations either,  they clutter up our already cluttered house and collect dust. The tree creates more work for me as it drops pine needles all the time, plus I resent paying £45 for it when I'm only going to have to chuck it away again in a few weeks time (at my own expense and will also end up having to extract pine needles from the car boot).

My sons also have no sense of time and my youngest in particular, can't understand why he can't eat all of his advent calendar chocolates in one go. He moans about it all day long and is constantly presenting me with it chanting, "choc choc choc choc". It's nothing but trouble.

On that note, Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. haha I do love Christmas but I also know what you mena, thee are plenty of elements which are just bothersome! The Christmas present for adults thing is somethign I never really do, I buy token gifts for my parents and granparents but no one else, I buy things for my children but have cut it down alot the past few years because I just can't afford to lavish them with big shiny boxes of things they neither want nor need. I love the lights tho and snuggling up inside warm listening to christmas songs, I love the food and seeing family too x

    1. Thanks, some of it's about the money, but also the time and effort required to actually think what to buy and then buy it! Before we had kids I didn't mind so much, but now we are so busy it's a big chunk of our year just preparing for something I don't even particularly enjoy...


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