Sunday, 20 January 2013

Groupon Bargain UGG "Style" Boots!

It's been some years now since UGG boots came on the scene. I've never been able to understand how they can possibly be worth £200 but then it's not a bad idea for a Christmas present or something for a teenage girl if you can't think of anything else to buy. For some years now I've been buying cheap alternatives as it can't be denied that they are very warm and cosy. I started off buying some Next ones in 2004 that cost £15 and since then I usually but a pair a year from Sainsburys, as I once read they are real sheepskin (!).

However, since UGGs are rapidly going down in price, and I have terrible chillblains, I wondered if now was the time to invest, or have I missed the boat? Costco often have them at a good place, but that involves going to Costco, which I find pretty terrifying (it's the only place I have EVER had a problem breastfeeding when a youth stared at me menacingly with a stupid smirk on his face in the cafe, I refused to make eye contact).

Anyway, the UGG problem has now been solved. Instead of UGGS, I now have.... Snowpaw Boots!
I'll tell you how it happened. A few months ago I was kindly offered the chance to review the Groupon website. I've never really understood Groupon before as it always seemed really complicated and full of terms and conditions that took ages to read. I also found that there was never anything on there that I actually liked, or the thing I wanted was sold out. However, one day I got an email from them informing me about the Snowpaw boots so I decided to strike. It always pays to do a bit of research and from what I could see the Snowpaw boots are pretty similar to UGGS but a bit cheaper. So basically how it works is that you pay for a voucher, in this case it was £50, and then you redeem the voucher on the website of the item you want for the full price of the item (in this case £165) - so you pay £50 for a £165 item. All I had to do was wait until the deal had expired and then I would be emailed a code to put into the Snowpaw website. I was a bit worried the boots would sell out so considered setting my alarm for midnight just in case. However I forgot.

As it happens, there was no issue with the boots selling out and the next day I easily entered the code, and that was that! I was expecting a long wait for the boots but actually they came in a few days!

Here they are in the flesh! I went for the dark brown ones, I like them because they are ultra warm, look smart and can be turned down or kept as they are!

Snow Paw Boots only £50 through Groupon!

Turned down styley! 
Lovely cosy boots!
So all in all, I was really impressed by my experience of Groupon, I am now a little hooked and am constantly checking the site for bargains. Have you used Groupon and if so, what do you think?

I was offered a £50 voucher from Groupon to review their site but all thoughts are my own!


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