Wednesday, 27 February 2013

How I dress my boys...

As any regular readers of my blog know by now, I like to dress nicely. I like shopping, looking at clothes online and looking at what other people are wearing. Not in a nasty way, just in a hideously nosy and Mrs Mangel type way. Part of it stems from an utter lack of creativity on my part, I couldn't just "put an outfit together", I would need to see it put together first on Polyvore, a mannequin or a photograph.

Anyway, as well as dressing myself nicely I like to dress my two boys nicely too. Not in a tweed wearing way with Hunter boots (anyone who has ever visited Ilkley will know what I mean) but in a smart practical kind of way. I'm not overly keen on spending masses of money on their clothes, but they each have a couple of smart outfits for parties, events etc.

We went to Center Parcs a few weeks ago, now I have learned the hard way what to wear there - tracksuits, it's not something I normally wear, mainly because I find they drag along the ground, but when you are swimming and messing around all day, a tracksuit and a gilet are the only things to go with. For the boys, I like to put them in boys tracksuits with comfy sandals like these Birkenstocks for the summer months.For me, buying kids clothing online is the only way to go, what child wants to be dragged round clothes shops anyway, even if it is for them!
Boys Birkenstocks £35
Speaking of Birkenstocks, I recently learned that they have a lifetime guarantee! How cool is that, I bought some a few years ago from Costco and the soles have now really worn down, maybe I can have them repaired? Aside from tracksuits, I like to shop in places like Joules, Crew Clothing and H&M for the boys. I've also found Supermarkets like Tesco and Sainsburys to be pretty good and decent quality.

Where do you buy your children's clothing from?

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