Wednesday, 27 February 2013

My Life With Skype....

A few years ago, when I was living in Japan (have I mentioned that?) I met a guy from England who had been having a long term long distance relationship with a Japanese girl, who mentioned this thing called Skype. I had never heard of it at the time but it sounded cool, a way to ring people for free and also appear in person via video? At the time, I was not at all technologically savvy, so I never followed it up.

These days, I can't imagine my life without Skype, we talk to family over it most weeks and it's also a great way for our wider family to see our children in "real life". It also means our children can appear together and it's also more enticing to them than speaking over the telephone.

For work too, it's become increasingly my main method of communication as I work from home, which can get quite lonely. Sometimes it's nice just to have Skype on and not actually speak to anyone, it's almost like I'm actually there. I can always ask someone a question or start a conversation whenever I feel like it, which is far more natural. I also instant message over Skype as I find it better than facebook and also quicker. I also feel a lot more comfortable using Skype than having a call over the phone, as it also means by hands are free to look at relevant documents or websites that we are talking about. I love this video showing how Skype can even be used for finding jobs and auditioning for parts! My grandparents would never believe this technological age we live in....

 Do you use Skype and if so, how often? Do you use it socially, for work or both?

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