Wednesday, 6 February 2013

To Maxi Skirt Or Not?

For a while now, every time I have looked at a new item of clothing, tried it on or indeed, bought it, I have had one word in my mind - slimming. There is one item of clothing where I have yet to ever buy, and that is a maxi skirt. For spring/summer they are a great idea, but as we live in a three storey house and until this year I was carrying a baby all the time, I was a bit worried about tripping on the skirt and ending up falling down the stairs! Now my youngest is now perfectly able to walk up and down the stairs himself, I'm wondering about taking the plunge. I've also managed to convince myself that with the right accessories and fit, they could look quite slimming, as long as they are not massive ones that just look like a sack. Anyway, with that in mind, I've done a little round up of my fav maxi skirts - to be worn with a cropped denim jacket of course. New Look have some great maxi skirts here, and my fav is this one which is £16.99 and a lovely jersey material. Jersey hangs really well and also washed well and often doesn't have to be ironed. These are also a great price if you are not sure and just want to try something out, or you only want it to last for one summer before you get bored.
I've been toying with buying a Baukjen maxi skirt for a while, they were in the sale last week and I really should have bought one, but wasn't sure, and now they have gone up to full price again!
Anyway, here it is...not sure I would wear trainers with it though.
Baukjen Saskia Maxi Skirt £95
 Somewhere in the middle price wise, at £48 and in a very summer mode, is this floral maxi skirt from Top Shop - great for a spring day, maybe with a cable jumper and some flats.
Top Shop Maxi Skirt
What I like about this one is that it is super slimming as the shape is quite fitted, and the floral colours are a bit more springlike than black, though black does go with everything.

Do you like Maxi Skirts, do you have any tips on where to buy one?

This is a sponsored post though all thoughts are my own!

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