Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Baker Days Fab Personalised Cake!

A few weeks ago, it being Mother's Day and all, I was hunting around for something nice and useful for my mum. For me, Christmas, Mother's Day and my mums birthday all come a bit close together and I'm usually at a complete loss for what to get. This year things were made a bit easier for me on Mother's Day as I was able to choose something lovely from the Baker Days website and chose a delicious personalised cake! After ordering, the cake came so so so quickly, I couldn't believe it! Ordering it was really simple and all I had to do was upload a photo (or I could have chosen one from their website, any image really!) and Bob's your Uncle! There were quite a few different designs and ideas but not so many that I felt overwhelmed.

When it came (only a day or two later) it came in a lovely box and inside was this nice tin (which I'm sure will be kept as something useful too).

Baker Days Tin!

This is the finished design! I decided to choose a picture of my mum holding our oldest son just after he was born as it's such a beautiful picture! She really loved receiving it as a present and apparently the cake itself was really delicious.
Personalised cake from Baker Days.
Overall I was really pleased with the experience and would recommend Baker Days to anyone, the service was quick, efficient and the cake was yummy. Best of all the colours were really vibrant and it looked good quality. If you were going to have a child's birthday party and had a lot to organise and (like me!) are terrible at baking, then this is a good way to go!

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