Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Night in with the girls (well, hubby)...

Since we had children we have had our fair share of nights in. In fact, most nights are in to be honest. More recently we've had a bit more of a social life, going to London last weekend, meals out and the like. What I haven't had in an awful long time is a "girly" night out, or in for that matter. I've never really been one for going out in a group, as I don't like compromising on where I spend my time, especially since I've had children and my time is precious. I find it stressful fitting in with what other people want to do which often leads to friction, so in general I just avoid it (that makes me sound really miserable doesn't it!). That's one of the reasons I started blogging, sort of a hobby so I feel I am spending my time proactively in the evenings. I know a lot of people like to do things like online gaming (like Ladbrokes) and games like Candy crush (what is that, and stop sending me requests everyone!).

Anyway, since we stay in so much, I was delighted to receive this lovely "night in with the girls" pack from Ladbrokes a few weeks ago to celebrate their diamond slot game, it really was a lovely treat.
night in with the girls goodie pack!
In my pack there was, a box set of Marilyn DVDs, some lovely champagne sparkly bits, nail crystals, FOUR boxes of Charbonnel and Walker champagne truffles and let's not forget the hilarious industrial strength glue! I absolutely loved the Marilyn DVDs and got through them really quickly, she wasn't a great actress but I love the fashions and her outfits (which apparently she was sewn into!). Glittery stuff always goes down well and the choccies, well, yum yum! Hubby and I had a lovely girly night in scoffing chocs, watching Marilyn and generally having a lovely time!

I was sent some lovely goodies as described above for writing this post :)

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