Saturday, 9 March 2013

What I wore today, lovely double layer Topshop skirt, £10 M&S jumper and Baukjen Leather Belt

Shoe Boots from Asda Living, £18
Elkin Bracelet £29.99

Joules Man's quilted jacket £60 was £120

I thought it might be nice to write a fashion (if you can call it that) post today and kick off my "what I wore today" section as I always love reading about this on other people's blogs. As I uploaded the pictures onto blogger on my phone I've been unable to reposition them properly and I've had to type underneath which is kind of annoying. Anyway, in the top pictures you can see my lovely Topshop double layer pencil skirt that I bought last week for £20, the double layer basically means it is mega flattering as it holds me in and gives definition rather than horrible clinginess. I like wearing this skirt in the evening with a sheer sleeveless blouse but for the day it's great with a jumper tucked in, like the one you see in the picture. I got that one for £10 from Marks and Spencer back in the Autumn. It looks a bit frumpy when worn with jeans or black trousers but is great tucked in to a skirt. 

I'm also wearing my Baukjen navy leather belt which I got half price for £34 last year (currently for sale from the Baukjen web site full price in different colours. I love this belt for cinching my waist in and adding a bit of glamour to an outfit.

I'm also wearing some fab studded shoe boots that I bought in Asda Living a few months ago too for £18. They are really comfy and flattering too, though I'm never quite sure what to wear them with, any ideas?

There are also some pictures of my new Elkin bracelet, which I bought with an Achica gift voucher, I would never normally spend that sort of money on what is essentially a string bracelet but the skull has really grown on me and I've had loads of nice comments about it, there is a little sparkly trinket on the other side too which is pretty cool.

And last but not least, I managed to persuade my husband to pose for a picture in his new Joules coat which we managed to pick up in Ilkley today for £60 (was £120). The new style were in stock as well and were identical to the sale version but half the price! Insane.

What do you think? What did you wear today?

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