Friday, 26 April 2013

Bargain H&M Top for £2, Baukjen half price shirt and loving the maxi look?

It's been some time now since I wrote a "fashion" post (if you can call it that) as I am desperately trying to stop spending so much on clothes. Partly this is because my wardrobe simply won't take any more, it is full to bursting. That said, it is Spring now, which does warrant a bit of a wardrobe update.

A few weeks ago I started up with the idea of wearing black skinny jeans, a vest and a shirt tied with the bottom of the shirt tied round my waist (i.e. cinched in). Hubby really liked the look which prompted me to snag this lovely Baukjen shirt (currently half price at £49.99) in red.

It looks kind of creased as it's been packaged up, but you get the idea...

Lovely detail on the cuffs...

Baukjen Red CoCo shirt.
I'm a bit unsure exactly of how I'm going to wear this, but I'm thinking about pairing it with my Next black harem trousers that I mentioned in this post a few weeks ago.

next set
Black jersey Next harem trousers with black vest, red shirt to be worn over the top!
The other BARGAINOUS things I've seen recently have been in H&M. I would never buy their stuff in winter as frankly, it melts on my iron. But for summer it's fine, usually I wear their stuff for two summers then recycle, if you can afford it then ideally one summer of constant wearing pretty much does it.
Anyway, I bought this top in Coral for £2, I see myself wearing it under a blazer with black trousers or dark blue skinny jeans, great for those in between days.  Unfortunately this top is now sold out, but there are other similar ones for not much more money, I even used two codes from hotukdeals (one for 25% off and another for £5 off) and bought a lovely skirt as well, though unfortunately delivery isn't until June. On an aside, it does annoy me that when you go to order on H&M it doesn't make it clear that something is actually out of stock for the next few weeks until right before you order, humph!

H&M Maxi skirt £12.99

H&M Top in Coral £2!

That's all for now, I really must stop spending! 

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