Monday, 22 April 2013

Carpets or Rugs?

We desperately need new carpets, thing is, it's a bit pricey. The other thing is, Son 2 is not yet potty trained and I'm a bit reluctant to shell out on new carpets when they are bound to be, well, stained (to put it frankly).

When we bought our house, it really was perfect. It was brand new and had that lovely newish smell, with carpets and new wooden flooring galore. Five years on and in theory everything should have lasted ok, but it hasn't, it all looks old and stale. I guess part of the problem is my general reluctance to clean, with two little boys, it's hardly worth it. So now I am starting to wonder about getting some rugs as a bit of a stop gap before we shell out on new carpets (that will potentially get covered in, stuff). Always a bit of a bargain hunter, I lie the selections at World Rugs and particularly like the Fusion Cream Rug which is only £31.

Fusion Cream Rug £31
 In days gone by, we would always go to Ikea for rugs, this is one of my favs, though it didn't last very well in our dining room (no prizes for guessing why) and it looks lovely in a playroom (priced £18)
I guess the rug thing is the way to go, at least that way we can keep our old carpets for another year or so.... what do you think? Rugs or carpet?

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