Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Five Summer Buys for Kids!

I recently did a post in which I listed my top  5 summers buys for the summer, and being a bit of a Mummy fashionista (yeah right), I thought that it was only right that I put together a little wish-list for my oldest son as well (he's nearly five…) Firstly, you can't beat H & M when it comes to great summer outfits, I love these cool t shirts and this Gangnam style t shirt really made me laugh! Not sure I would actually buy it though...
H&M Gangnam Style T Shirt £5.99

They also have some great hoodies which are also £5.99, I love this colour, though they have every colour you could think of! Can't see these lasting that long but at that price, it barely matters.
H&M Hoodie, £5.99

I'm also a bit of a fan of Polarn O. Pyret, especially if it's for something a bit special like a party or a wedding.   If you have a look in the kids clothing selection you'll see lots of lovely things just like this fab outfit I've put together for my little boy. It's his birthday coming up and I always like to get him something new to wear for his party.
Polarn O. Pyret T shirt £18.50

Polarn O. Pyret Loose Fit Jeans on sale at £17
This rain hat is also very cute, though I'm not sure I'd make him wear it on his birthday!
Polarn O. Pyret rain hat £12
His birthday is coming up soon and he's made a little list of what he wants, here it is....

I am pretty sure the top one, if you spell it out phonetically reads "angry birds". Normally he can write much better than that! I guess the words were more complicated than what he's used to. If anyone can decipher what else is on the list please let me know, now all I have to do is send this website link onto his grandparents so they can buy all the rest of the stuff! haha!

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