Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Lovely Zulily Goodies

For quite a while now I've been into these flash sales sites, I've had some great success with some of the goodies I've had from Achica and now I've found another one - zulily They are a flash sales site for mums, babies and kids. Showcasing, big brands alongside little treasures you might not otherwise have discovered, they have around 8-10 new events every day with up to 90% off retail prices.
Their specialist buying team sources products from home-grown British brands to around Europe, the US and as far away as Australia. Zulily’s delivery times can sometimes take a little longer than other retailers but this is how they manage to bring you such big discounts. With great buys by the buggy load, there’s only one problem: what on earth to choose?

I was lucky enough to be sent some lovely clothes from zulily for my oldest son, he's getting to the age now where he's a bit more conscious about what he's wearing.  They didn't take long at all to arrive and I was pretty happy (to say the least) when I opened the box. There were some super cool fur lined Timberland boots that he just LOVES. Even better in melting snow as he can run around with warm feet. The laces took a little getting used to, but that's life eh!

We were also sent a lovely warm red hoody which my hubby is a little jealous of! It's so snuggly and cosy and great for wearing under a gilet. I also love the checked shirt which my little man wore to a birthday party last week, here he is in all his glory...
Lovely zulily hoody!

More Hoody Action!

Lovely Timberland Boots!

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