Saturday, 13 April 2013

My Top Five Summer Buys!

So Summer is on its way! Honest it is. It doesn't feel like it though, although the evenings are getting lighter I've still got the heating on full blast, it's essential to ensure I don't turn into an ice block. However, I do have my eyes on a few lovely items for summer that will really bring my wardrobe to life!

My New Found Love
First and foremost, I have to make a mention to my new most favourite jewellery site, (a quick mention to Style Guile here as that is where I read about them) Anathema Designs.

I like the fact that the designer is still a student and the prices are RIDICULOUSLY low. I ordered these gold zillet earrings for only £15, considering they are handmade and they don’t really make a lot of them at all, it's a steal!!

Anathema Designs Earrings £15! 

Polka Dot Princess
We have finally booked a holiday and I'm going to be choosing some swimwear this year from Figleaves  – they stock most of the swimwear brands anyway and it's easier just to look for it all in one place isn't it? Being a bit of a bargain hunter I love the fact that they have 20% off too (use code TWENTY). I like to keep it simple when it comes to swimwear which is why I think this one is my fav, spotty too which I love!

Figleaves Itsy Bitsy Polka Dot Bikini (Swimwear), £35 

Our holiday this year is actually going to be Center Parcs so what I like about this swimsuit is that it's quite discrete and not too over the top (children will be present!) but flattering and feminine too.

On an aside, I do love Center Parcs, it's so easy there and luckily my son has the second week of the May holidays off school so it's also a bargain! Yay!

Harem Pant…Tapered Trousers…Whatever they’re called!

Next Harem Trousers £18

 I love a bit of myfavourite Mummy fashion blog, Style Guile and on her advice, I've bought myself two pairs (in blue and black) of these very comfy and versatile harem pants from Next. Not pants pants, trousers pants!

They look pretty cool and I must say are not hugely slimming, but who cares because they are LOVELY. The weird thing is that they are called "tapered jersey trousers" on the website, but when I bought them, it states "harem" on the label…soI'm quite not sure what's going on there?

I bought the blue and black pairs (£18 each, what a bargain!) but I did see someone at the doctors(glam location) today with the multi print on and they looked FAB. I advise sizing up as otherwise they cling to the derriere and not in a good way :P

Pretty in Pink
Ilovely this amazing pink skirt from Topshop. It's £48 which is a bit excessive, but I'm so in love with Topshop at the moment I don't mind. It's not too short, and would be great for either a day at the seaside, in town or just walking along pushing a pushchair. The flared skirt will hide a multitude of sins too....

Pink Double Pleat Skirt, Topshop

Shoes wise it would be great with either flats or open toed sandals. Skirts are tricky in summer sometimes, if it's windy they sometimes blow up, which when you are holding hands with two children creates its own challenges, we've all been there....

Pretty Ballerina
H&M ballet pumps £14.99

I'm also loving these shoes from H&M (great with the Topshop skirt too!),in fact I've bought a pair in black already, priced £14.99 they are an UTTER BARGAIN. True they make my feet bleed, but so do most shoes, so it's no biggie.They also have a sort of nude colour which I loved but I didn't think would go with as many things, maybe I'm wrong there, what do you think?
So there you have it, not all summery, not all to your taste most probably, but these are my loves so far! What have you spotted on your travels? Anything fab and “bargainous”? Tell me all about it....

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