Sunday, 28 April 2013

New Bed Time

Do you remember in days gone by when people would keep skanky old things for like, forever. Oh and you had to actually save up for things before you bought them, pah. I do wonder sometimes if it made things a little more special, knowing you had worked hard in advance to buy them, possibly. We are slowly paying off our credit card bill, that embarrassing, we stacked up about 5 years ago on a holiday to Canada. When we got there, the bank refused to let  us withdraw money from Canadian cash machines, so we had to pay for everything on credit cards. Then foolishly when we got back we just never seemed to get round to paying it of. It's been transferred from one 0% deal to another, one day it will be paid off I'm sure :/

Anyway, I remember when I was a child stuff in people's houses was always kind of worn out. I guess people just held onto stuff for longer. These days if I've had something more than about 5 years I start to think, "oh time for a replacement". It's the same with beds. I know people say that you should only keep a bed for about 10 years, as they do need replacing. It's really important to have a good bed for the sake of your back and health, plus don't they get full of those dust mite things? With that in mind, we've now had our bed since 2004 (when we bought our first house), it's a nice silent night divan, it's comfy but not at all pretty. Thing is though, those beds with bed steads take up an awful lot of room and I think I would always be stubbing my toe on the frame, is that what happens?

I personally believe it's worth spending about £1000 on a bed. Last year, at the end of the summer, Laura Ashley had some eye wateringly good deals on their beds, but again, they were frames and the bed heads were made of wrought iron, I just can't see how that it is at all comfortable. I guess the best thing to do is to find a bed that is normally around £1000 and get it in a really good offer.  After doing a google search, I found this deal at Oldrids, the bed is normally £699 but it's £349 and looks really good. I'm all for the drawers as well as they are a great place to store sheets and the like, we just don't seem to have any storage space in our house at the moment.
Oldrids bed was £699 now £349

What is your bed like? How long have you had it? How much do you think we should spend?

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