Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Great Sunglasses Fiasco...

I have never ever owned an expensive pair of sunglasses, there, I've said it. I see friends of mine with silver "Gucci" embossed cases and I don't envy them one jot. Why? Because I know that if I owned something like that I would either a) lose them, b) break them or c) get sick of them. That is why every year I buy a cheap pair of sunnies from a high street store. I once bought an expensive pair of sunglasses, albeit from TK Maxx. They lasted a while, that is until they were unceremoniously dumped in a hotel bedroom and lost forever, weep. Anyway, last year my husband kindly bought me a pair of Ralph Lauren sunglasses in some sort of sale somewhere, I think they were about £30 which to me, is a ludicrous amount to spend on a piece of plastic, quite soon they were relegated to my handbag, minus a case, all sort of scratched and unloved.

This year I am starting to wonder if the "buy cheap, buy twice" philosophy has finally taken hold. Maybe it's better to splash out on a nice pair of sunglasses, look after them, and make them last? It would probably be cheaper to do that than constantly buying cheap pair after cheap pair. What do you think? With that in mind, it seems sensible to start looking around for some good deals early doors, before all the best buys go. I quite like the Red Hot Sunglasses website for good bargains, and am especially partial to the Ray Bans they have. To me, Ray Bans represent a halfway house between really expensive and treating myself to something that's going to last, if you get my meaning.
Ray Bans £90
I don't know why I like the Ray Bans so much, I think there is a little voice inside of me telling me they are hard wearing and good value, but I can't tell you why I think that. Maybe it's the image of various members of the Royal family wearing them for expensive skiing holidays, whatever it is, I want some. There are lots and lots of brands on that website which makes things easier and saves you trawling round the internet, it's all about time saving innit?

What do you think about sunglasses and what's your fav brand? Buy cheap or buy expensive and look after them? What do you think?

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