Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Wanted: New Favourite Shop

Thinking is exhausting isn't it? I hate having to decide and make decisions, it's one of the most tiring things about being a parent. Every minute of every day is about being in charge, deciding things, it gets annoying. There is nothing worse even for a bossy boots like myself. That is why I guess known brands do so well, they remove the necessity to think, there is some comfort in the familiar because we know what to expect, we like the brand to do the thinking and deciding for us. For a while, I've been a bit of a Baukjen girl, I've spent several hundred pounds there but one thing has become hugely clear to me; Baukjen clothes just don't iron well. You have to have the iron on a really low setting and about three seconds after putting it on, it looks creased again. Then last week I burnt my £99 high waisted pencil skirt right on the front. It is singed, it looks sad and lost. I can never wear it again. I have therefore decided to choose a new brand to make all my decisions for me. Quite a while ago I read a post on one of my fav blogs, Style Guile about a new brand called Mint Velvet (they are stocked in John Lewis which makes them even more of a must have) and got in touch with them about doing a post for them on my blog. They offered to send me some sample pieces but I was worried about sticky hands so regretfully declined. However I am still willing to give them a go and wanted to show you a round up of my fav pieces of their SS13 collection.
I love the fact that on their own website they have a "buy the outfit" section, it's genius! Perfect for busy mums and lazy fashionistas. I'm loving this Lily Print blouse which is £69 and is 100% silk. Pretty reasonable price really.
Mint Velvet Lily Print Blouse £69
I also like their double layer clothes which would be super for breast feeding mums, this Navy stripe Double Layer Top is a good example of something super flattering..
Navy Stripe Double Layer Top £59.
Now I could be totally wrong about these, but I do like these peg leg trousers, they look amazing comfy for summer though as with all peg leg trousers I have no idea what I would wear with them...any ideas?
Mocha Tencel Peg Trousers £59
Have you ever bought anything from Mint Velvet? What did you think?

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