Friday, 24 May 2013

DIY Heaven or Hell?

I was reading an article, here, about a common problem in our house, neither of us are good at what I call "blue jobs". What I mean is, we are terrible at anything that involves: measuring accurately, hanging, drilling, or basically anything that involves a tool kit. I don't think it's our fault either, I just think its something people have lost the knack of. The information just isn't passed down like it used to be. If I had known it was going to save me lots of money, I would have paid far more attention in CDT at school. We learned all sorts of things like sawing, hammering and planing wood, but I hated it and was constantly sawing parts of my finger off and other such accidents, I guess it put me off.

I do wonder if the reason hubby is so un-keen on DIY is because he gets told off by me if something isn't exactly to my liking. I remember when I was six months pregnant and I suddenly demanded that he paint our bed room. I took Son 1 out for the day and left him to it. He painted the entire room, but foolishly I had gone for the Dulux blended paint rather than a normal colour, it was so ridiculously watery it just dripped down the walls as soon as it went on. Anyway, needless to say, the room looked terrible and I went beserk. Husband said he would repaint it the next day if it made me happy, and that was two years ago now! Still, at least that means we can redecorate soon. Other DIY disasters include wonky shelves, plunging a blocked up shower resulting in water pouring all over the house, including into electric circuits, buzzing noises, you know the score.

DIY "fun".

I've heard it said that instead of doing your own DIY you should instead work extra hours in your own job that you are good at, and pay someone else to come in. This is a theory I heartily agree with! 
Professional tradesmen at Local Traders also underlined on the importance of calling in a professional tradesperson, where advance “DIY” is concerned – as it may essentially call for more than you can actually master “doing yourself”. They further said that “Jobs like plumbing work, rewiring and boiler or appliance installation should definitely be done by a qualified tradesperson. It really is better to invest in a quality job rather than cut corners trying to reduce the price and end up with it costing you in more ways than you might initially expect."

Amen to that! Have you had any DIY disasters in your house?

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