Thursday, 16 May 2013

For better or worse?

Sometimes it can seem that when you are working parents with two small children, you become like passing ships in the night. It almost gets to the stage where you can't remember when you had a "non child" conversation or talked about something just for the sake of talking rather than to pass on information. I have a bit of a complex about knowing lots of details about other people's lives and them knowing nothing about mine, it's seem to be in constant contact with really self important people who don't bother to listen or ask about others. All the same, I was a bit annoyed to find out that my husband also fell into this category when he failed to recall the name of my primary school. Not that it's a bit deal really, but I know the name of his primary school and I suppose if he doesn't take an interest in my life, who will! Now he is very clued up, I like to quiz him every now and again just to ensure he's paying attention.

So tonight we are going to have a try on this "for better or worse" app to see whether we are REALLY singing from the same hymn sheet. I'm not competitive (!) but I know I will win. If there are any winners of course in marriage.....

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