Friday, 17 May 2013

My new office AND "if I had a city centre apartment"....

We really need to overhaul our house.  We've made an attempt downstairs which was a playroom and is now my office. I feel mean changing it but the boys hardly ever play down there anyway and I had nowhere to work, is that bad? Anyway, we got a desk to fit onto an existing bookshelf and voila! Instant office.

My new office, yay!
I have a feeling that the police would advise me not to have my equipment so near the window but to be honest the laptop keeps turning itself off all the time anyway, so if it was stolen they would be getting a dud. So anyway, I've  been trawling the internet for my next project, our lounge. It's pretty dire really, but then it is quite small and what can you do with a room where the door is in the middle of the wall and there are radiators on the other side? I've come across this website, Roomes which I think is pretty funky. they seem to have lots of good inspirational ideas plus Sealy beds (a la Center Parcs!) which give you the best night sleep EVER (that is unless you have a screaming child with you).  Anyway, back to our living room problem. The thing I most hate about our living room is our leather sofas. When we bought them we thought they were the way forward as they are "wipe clean", what we didn't consider however was the fact that they are cold in winter and sticky hot in summer, urgh.  As my regular reader (!) will know, I have a bit of an eye for lovely things and in the sofa section of Roomes I've spotted a corker, this lovely Hampshire scatter back sofa. What's not to like? Comfy? Yes! Lovely looking? Yes! 
Lovely Hampshire sofa!
Now in a world where I had a lovely city centre apartment and no children, this is what I would get, along with a chaise longue and lots of glossy magazines...argh, one can dream.

Idyllic Kensington Sofa!

What's your perfect sofa? 

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