Friday, 14 June 2013

Father's Day is Fast Approaching!

In the UK, Father's Day can be something we're a little sceptical about. As Brits, we tend to be on red alert, ready to turn our noses up at those Americanised ‘Hallmark’ occasions we love to hate. Sadly, this means that poor old Father's Day can find itself on the receiving end of a lot of cynicism, yet surely our dads deserve just as much celebrating as our mums.

The stereotypical man might never say it, but seeing how much you mean to your nearest and dearest is really important, especially when everyday life (and manliness) don't give you much opportunity to indulge your soppier side. So, to inspire us to show some appreciation for the dads in our lives this Father's Day, here are a few daddy-based traditions from around the world.

Flowers and perfume may sound like presents for a British Mother's Day but, in Japan, they are common Father's Day presents. Home-made gifts are popular and children make sweeties to give to their dads on the 3rd Sunday of June. Beer glasses are also a common present, along with a dad's favourite alcoholic beverage, complete with personalised labels made by the children.

Japanese dads may enjoy their drink, but Germany's Father's Day is the booziest. In Germany, Father's Day is an opportunity for dads to escape family life, instead celebrating their macho side with their friends. A traditional German Father's Day involves men hiking into the mountains with special hand-pulled wagons, laden with beer and food for a jolly good day out.

A Thai Father's Day is a colourful affair as it is celebrated alongside the birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyade. As the King was born on a Monday and the official colour of Monday in Thailand is yellow, everyone dresses in yellow to celebrate both the King (the father of the nation) and their own dads too. Flowers are a traditional Thai Father's Day gift and canna lilies are given to dads across Thailand every 5th December.

Meat is at the heart of the Brazilian Father's Day. Long considered the 'manliest way to cook', a barbecue is absolutely fundamental when celebrating Brazilian patriarchs. Known as a charrascos, these great big get-togethers feature skewers of roasted sausage, chicken, beef and pork – all devoured whilst enjoying each other’s company, of course.

The United Kingdom
We take a personal approach to celebrating our dads here in the UK. A Sunday lunch is probably high on the agenda, but the gifts we give and the activities we get up to depend entirely on the dads we have. If your dad loves all things 80s, perhaps you'll enter a Father's Day retro gaming competition, if he's mad about cycling, perhaps you'll watch the final stage of the Tour of Switzerland together.

However we celebrate, we tend to personalise our activities to celebrate the unique quirks of the most important men in our lives – our dads! How will you celebrate yours?

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