Monday, 10 June 2013

Miller and Carter, child friendly heaven and perfect steaks!

This post is written by my Hubby and is about a lovely meal we went to at Miller and Carter
How to get a 'proper' meal to satisfy the grown ups whilst keeping the kids happy?  This is not a question but more an ongoing conundrum that faces most parents each time they venture out with the little ones.  Bored with the usual fare of eating burgers, pizzas or sandwiches the resident family blogger and I were fortunate to be offered the opportunity of a real treat on a Sunday afternoon; Steak and wine!
Here it is, in all its glory.

So, we headed off to Miller & Carter in Leeds city center with the 'terrible twosome' in tow to see if the kids could be happy in a more grown up environment with Mummy and Daddy able to read a menu aimed more at those who lost their milk teeth some time ago!

Obligatory restaurant colouring in.
The greeting was very warm and friendly and straight away it was apparent that the restaurant both welcomed and catered for children, ours being aged 5 and 2 weren't quite ready for a 16oz T-Bone so the varied kids menu was a great boost.  The boys also received the now almost obligatory pencil and colouring-in sheet, a well trodden path no doubt but a saviour all the same.  For the boys, we ordered an excellent fish and chips that in truth would have satisfied some grown up appetites but was attacked ferociously by our two.  The key, as with all meals out, was to ask for the kids meal to be cooked and served asap to limit the potential for playing up. The manager, Sean, couldn't have been more helpful and was really friendly and great at recommending dishes to us. The restaurant was really quiet which was great for us with noisy kids but Sean assured us they had been heaving the evening before.

Yummy child's meal at Miller and Carter! He's rubbing his hands together with glee!
As for the main menu itself, it contained a good selection of tempting dishes but lets be honest - if you go to a Steakhouse, lets order from the Grill.  When in Rome etc..... The waiter provided a good source of info on what steak to order, how each cut should be cooked and also which wines would go with each order.  We actually took no notice of the suggested cooking times as we both like our steak to be still mooing so ordered very pink, but was nice to see someone demonstrating knowledge about the menu and wines on offer. 

The steaks were superb, my wife had the 12oz Sirloin and I had the 12oz Ribeye, proving again there is something about men and large slabs of cow.  Each was succulent and full of flavour, and more importantly cooked as wished for rather than often overdone by chefs who have probably other things to think about as can be the case.  On the side came an iceberg 'wedge' with choice of dressing, choice of potato (we both were good and choice baked as were thinking of waistlines but the chips the kids had were truly fab!), onion bread, tomatoes and a sauce.  All washed down with a cheeky glass of Shiraz or Malbec, perfect.

Lovely pink steak, just the way I like it!

My meal in all its glory!

Wedge of lettuce, what's not to like!
 Dessert for the boys was an easy choice, ice-cream and plenty of it with 3 scoops of icy heaven in each bowl.  As for us, an Eton Mess and Creme Brulee soon nullified the no-chip approach but was a great way to end the meal.
Very grown up ice cream for two grateful boys!

All in all, a great choice and we'll be back.  After all, whats not to like with good food, kids being kept occupied and enjoying their food and parents feeling they've had a more grown up experience than perhaps at some of the more obvious 'family dining' chains on most high streets.

These thoughts are all hubby's own but we did receive the meal for free.

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