Wednesday, 19 June 2013

What my perfect morning would be like...

I can remember the exact moment over five years ago when I decided I was "ready" for children. Only a few months before I was rushing to get ready for work and feeling stressed and thinking, "how do people do this when they have children in tow as well?"
Then one morning I woke up and thought, "they just get up half an hour earlier". BOOM. It was as simple as that. Then I started to get an "empty" feeling on a Sunday afternoon, it was something in between cabin fever and loneliness; something was missing, it was a child. That isn't to say that I don't find mornings stressful, they are easily the most difficult part of my day. Someone usually has a rage (normally me), accusations are thrown, as are flannels, toothbrushes and clothes. Son 2 normally needs a nappy change moments before we leave the house or Son 1 announces he isn't wearing any pants. That must be why I suffer so badly from heartburn, all that shouting has to be bad for the health right?

Sometimes, I visualise my perfect morning and what it would be like. It would invariably include a proper coffee and a croissant, lying in a nice clean bed reading my kindle. This dream is quite far from coming true though as our beloved Morphy Richards espresso maching has BROKEN at only six months old, weep! I'm desperate to get a new one, to complete my fantasy perfect morning if I ever get a chance to actually live it out. So I've been scouting around for a new one, and being a bit obsessed with John Lewis, am happy to report that they have started doing voucher codes! There are some shops who I guess, don't need to offer discount codes simply because they don't have to, but I think times are changing and people are starting to expect them. Anyway, I spotted quite a few John Lewis voucher codes (click here) on here including one for a REALLY cool coffee machine. I'm going in!
Lovely Coffee Machine from John Lewis

What are your favourite voucher code websites? Have you got any great deals using voucher codes?

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