Wednesday, 10 July 2013

My Outfit For Kate...

I've been looking enviously at pictures of Kate Middleton in her later stages of pregnancy. Not because I want to have another baby, no siree NEVER, but more because she looks so damn stylish whereas I looked a horrid mess. Part of that was due to me having a very unflattering short haircut, big mistake as it made my bottom half look even bigger. But it was also partly due to my unwillingness to spend money on maternity clothes, I just saw it as a big waste of money. What I foolishly did instead was to buy lots of cheap horrid unflattering pieces where I would have been better off spending more on less stuff, if that makes sense. 

I am a little bit obsessed by Kate's style, so thought it would be nice if I had a go at creating her an outfit myself! This is my favourite maternity outfit of Kates so far, it's so pretty and flattering.

It's sort of grecian looking? Having said that, it's not the sort of thing you could wear every day and if you want value for money then really you want something you can dress up for the evening but comfortably wear to work/through the day as well. It's worth spending a bit more on core pieces (don't make the mistake I did!) that will last and last.

I was a bit obsessed by Tiffany Rose when I was pregnant, and love this colour block maternity dress which is priced at £99. It's a good piece to invest in as it will go with anything and will last the entire length of your pregnancy. It's also comfortable yet smart and stylish too. I think this would really suit Kate as she does look sort of Grecian anyway with her bouncy hair and all.
Colour Block Maternity Dress, Tiffany Rose £99
I love the clutch bag on the picture, but for really lovely and special clutch bags it has to be Reiss, this one is currently on sale at £125 which might sound like a lot, but it's really lovely (and anyway this outfit is designed for Kate!)

Reiss Clutch Bag £125
In terms of accessories for Kate, I'm a bit obsessed with Anathema Designs at the moment, and this necklace at £120 and earrings at £60 are a wise investment.
Anathema Designs Necklace £120
Now shoes are often a problem for pregnant women because of foot swellings, so it's best for Kate to play safe especially if it's for the evening. I like these flatish "day to night" shoes from Dune as they can literally be worn with anything, and bring out the colour in the gold necklace too. 

Dune Shoes what a bargain at £17!
This jacket would also serve you well, not only with this outfit but with many more too. The lovely thing about cropped jackets is that you don't need to worry about the covering your bump and you can also wear them in pregnancy and beyond. I like this silk kimono jacket from Tiffany Rose for that very reason.
Silk Kimono Jacket from Tiffany Rose for £68, currently on sale

I'm a bit unsure about whether the clutch bag and jewellery go together but I love them so much I don't care! 
So what do you think of my "Kate ready" outfit? Do you think she would like it or isn't it colour co-ordinating enough? What do you think of Kate's style?

This is a guest collaboration.

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