Thursday, 22 August 2013

NCT shop - useful and bargainous!

When we had Son 1 we had only just moved to our local area and knew literally NO-ONE. It didn't really bother me at the time as I was just so used to moving around and being the newbie all the time. However when I found out I was pregnant, I realised I might need a bit more of a support network around me, which is why I joined the NCT. For us, the classes were useful though focused on "natural birthing" which wasn't an option for me due to having placenta praevia. Unfortunately due to son 1's much earlier than expected appearance, we actually missed quite a few of the classes which I am sure covered emergency c sections. I didn't notice it at the time, but there is also an NCT shop that looks pretty awesome and is full of stuff that is genuinely useful and difficult to find elsewhere. Since we were unintentional co-sleepers for almost 10 months, I love the idea of renting this co-sleeping crib for a few months as they really don't last long at all. It will be lots cheaper (£109) and also save the hassle of storing or getting rid of cots when they are no longer useful, believe me, it's a much shorter time than you think!

Rent a crib for £109 for six months, bargain!

There are lots of things to waste your money on when you have a baby, but lots of useful things too.
I had these thermal breast nursing pads when I was breastfeeding and they were life savers. Not literally but they were very useful,
Very useful thermo breast pads, also on sale at £9.95! Cheaper than Mothercare
For breastfeeding mums, I would also highly recommend these Lilypadz breast pads, you'll save so much money and they are better for the environment too. I think I'm right in saying that these also prevent the loss of milk as they have a sort of suction device (?), anyway bargain at £14.99

Very useful Lilypadz breast pads
I also like the idea of renting a tens machine and a breast pump as these are definitely things you only need for a short space of time. Overall I'm impressed with the genuinely useful items on the website and the reasonable prices too. Renting is definitely something worth thinking about as it also means less hassle getting rid of things that will of course lose lots of value.

Did you use NCT before you had a baby? What did you think?

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