Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Evening Dress Flop....

It's been quite a while now since I last bought an evening dress, but this one here sticks in my mind for all the wrong reasons. I bought it in Sydney a few months before this photo was taken, back in 2003. It's generally a mistake to buy things when you're abroad as it's easy to get swept away with holiday fever only to discover once you get home that what you bought was hideous. This is one of those. I was in a rush, couldn't find anything else to buy and it sort of fit. Except it didn't, it was way too tight.
Me looking rather rigid.
By the way, hello Jeremy and Ben who are also on the picture.  This picture was taken on a train station platform on our way to night out in Osaka, I think it was some sort of leaving party. It's difficult to describe exactly how hot we were on this picture, the humidity in Japan is something I never ever came to terms with and I was permanently sweating. So, a hot, tight, uncomfortable dress. You can see I got it badly wrong.

I guess part of it was also lack of money, these days however, things like evening dresses such as these seem a lot more affordable, something like this green one would have suited me (not in that heat though...)

Emerald Evening Dress
At £29.99 that's really affordable, especially for prom nights or student balls.

Some of the dresses on that site even stack up as potential wedding dresses, maybe if you were going abroad and didn't want to lose an expensive dress to baggage handlers, this one would be a good option.

Cream Ivory Dress

There are also some lovely formal dresses on the website. This burgundy formal dress is actually really similar to the dresses my bridesmaids wore at our wedding.
Burgundy formal dress

However at £29.99 I can tell you that this one is much much cheaper! This one would definitely be great for a formal works "do" particularly at Christmas time.

Do you have any favourites when it comes to formal dresses? Where are your "go to" shops?


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