Friday, 6 September 2013

My first car...

I really wish I had a photo of my first car, but I don't, though it looked something like this:

in fact, looking at it, I'm not convinced that isn't my actual first car!

After leaving Uni, I first lived within walking distance of Leeds town centre so I just used to walk to work, then I got a job outside the centre so it was a bus job. It was depressing, the buses in those days were so unreliable and I was constantly late through no fault of my own. I remember ringing the bus company from the bus stop, "how often is the XXX to Horsforth supposed to come?" "Every ten minutes" was the cheery reply, "Then how come I've been waiting FIFTY MINUTES!!!" So annoying. Life is too short for buses.

So in the end my kind parents gave me my mum's old car, and she got a new one. I was so happy, it was the first time in my life I had any sort of real responsibility, even then I seem to recall  my dad paid my insurance and they sorted out all the MOT and stuff, pathetic really, no reason at all I couldn't have done that myself.

Soon after that, I went to live in Japan and then Madrid for a while, obviously I sold my car (erk, in fact my dad sold it for me!) and he said they got £1500 for it, which I think was being kind as I'm pretty sure it got far less.

So yet again, poor old dad was on the lookout for another car for me, I was just about to start a PGCE at Leicester Uni and really needed a car to get to my placements. Since he had a GM card, and I would get a substantial discount, we decided to get me a BRAND NEW CAR! I put down £500 of my own money, I got the £1500 from the sale of the Fiesta and I seem to remember my dad paying a further £3000, or something. I got one of these...

The best thing was, because it was a new car I got a year's free insurance which was great. It was around the time that insurance for young drivers was really starting to go ballistic, so I basically got a brand new Vauxhall Corsa for £5000 (this was in 2004) and I got free insurance to boot. Bargain.

That car is now long gone, and I now drive around in a funky red fiesta, though it's quite different to my first fiesta, it's more like this:

I put down £3000 and I've got it on a leaseback deal, basically I pay monthly for it then I give it back after two years or pay the difference. I think I'll probably give it back and get a new one.

i was really lucky in that my parents helped me out loads with my first car - they basically bought it for me. But I do remember the cost of petrol being much more than I thought (and this was back in 2001!). It's really important to actually think, so I NEED a car, as they often work out much more than you think, what with car tax, insurance etc. This time around, yes I could have afforded a much nicer and bigger car, but this one has really cheap insurance, car tax and most of all, is mega fuel efficient which I think is really important these days.

If you are interested in buying your first car, take a look at this handy First Car Guide which has lots of useful information on what to look for, budgeting and that sort of thing.

What was your first car? Did it turn out like you thought?


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