Friday, 18 October 2013

Awesome Competition - Best Driving Views!

Sometimes when we're driving about the Yorkshire countryside, I come across a view that I think is truly breathtaking. I sometimes see other people have pulled over to the side of the road with their cameras to get a better view. Once my parents did that and then submitted their photo to the local news station as they often put up viewers' photos during the weather, but it never got aired (!). A few years ago, I got a great shot of Mont St Michel in Brittany/Normandy when we were driving along, here is it...

Mont St Michel, Normandy/Brittany
I was actually really pleased with this photo as it can be hard to get good clear shots when you're driving. Mont St Michel is one of my most favourite places in France, it has to be one of the most atmospheric places in the world. Monks are singing, nuns are praying, it's mega steep, it really has everything. You can even get marooned on there by the tide if you go at the wrong time of day, awesome. It also has some nice restaurants so you can have a relaxing meal and take in the view. Happy days.

Anyway, if you have any good driving views, why not enter this fab competition with Carcraft? They are looking for great photos of driving views, but hurry, it ends today! Here is how you enter.

There are three methods to enter. You will get one entry per method, and you can enter using all three methods to get three entries. So if you do use all three methods, you will have a higher chance of winning!
• Email us your photo to
• Tweet us your photo with the hashtag #VROOMwithaview
• Post your photo on your blog/website with a link back to the Carcraft website
Enter today! :)

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