Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Getting into the Halloween Spirit...

I'm not really one for anything where I feel I "have" to celebrate. Christmas is a bit of a chore for me and Halloween is certainly not something I would ever normally bother with. However, "normally" doesn't really come into it anymore, since I have two children who love any excuse for a party! Rather than go trick-or-treating (which is more than I could bear) we took the children over to my brother's house on Sunday for some good old fashioned party games. I thought I'd share some of those ideas here as the games were really easy to organise and we did have loads of fun!

1. Pumpkin carving competition! Asda are selling two pumpkins for £3, so I dutifully bought two plus two pumpkin carving kits (which were £1 each). My sister in law and hubby carved a pumpkin out each in record time and then we had a judging session to see whose was the best. After a few tears and tantrums (mine) we decided that the two pumpkins were "equally good". It was just easier.
Hello Jack

Pumpkin carving tool.
2. Hide the mini skeletons. These are £1 for eight in a packet, what money well spent it was. My brother and I hid them around his house and the children ran round hysterically looking for them.  A few broke in the ongoing struggle, more tantrums.

It's funny, last night when I was in bed, I saw a weird glow coming from my dressing table, upon closer inspection I realised it was the skeletons! Yes they are even glow in the dark.

3. Disco dancing competition/musical statues/general exercise. Put together some Halloween related tracks, e.g. Thriller, Monster Mash, erm, a few more, and come up with new dance moves everyone has to copy. Happy days.

4. A variation on find the skeleton, buy some eye ball choccies (again from Asda) hide around the house and give each child their own bucket or bag to collect their looty in. Perfecto!

This bag was from Your Design, who personalised it for them, it would be great for Halloween parties and trick for treating, I'm going to keep it for years!

So my Halloween ideas are not very imaginative, what do you do in your family for Halloween?

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