Wednesday, 9 October 2013

New Shopping Addiction Alert

Like many women, I enjoy sticking to my "mainstay" of shopping haunts. For me it will always be Oasis, Karen Millen, Baukjen, LK Bennett with a bit of M&S and Primark thrown in for good measure. Occasionally if I've enough time I'll pop into Zara or H&M. But most of the time those places make me feel old, and I can't stand going anywhere that people choose to go to in a group. It's a bad sign. Online shopping has become my "go to" activity these days, mainly because like most mothers, I cannot ever go into real shops. Occasionally I get time off for good behaviour when hubby takes one for the team and goes to visit someone leaving me free to Shhhhhhooooopppp. Happy days. Anyway, back to internet shopping, I've a new one for you today called Spy Love Buy. Heard of it? No me neither, but I could have said that same about Baukjen a few years ago and now it is one of my fav shops ever.  This winter, as ever, I'm looking for the perfect boots. Last winter I happened upon some awesome Tamaris ones in a local shoe shop. Naturally I've not looked after them properly and now they are ruined. This winter I'm not only after some ankle boots but also some reddy brown longer boots, they have to be shiny and horse riding looking. It's difficult to explain.

So anyway, back to Spy Love Buy (I'm liking the name), I spotted these.
Browny boots £37.95
They just about hit the mark, if only they were SLIGHTLY redder I would be happy.

Then I spotted these, to the untrained eye they might look very similar to the first pair, but there are subtle differences...

More browny boots £37.95

Still, they aren't quite reddy brown and shiny enough for me. Will I ever find my perfect boot?


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