Saturday, 5 October 2013

Perfect birthday with Baukjen's Jessica Dress and a Heart Swarovski Necklace

So the moment has arrived, I'm officially old! Yes, 35! I can't really complain as I had a lovely weekend away with my friend Emma (who blogs over at at the Savoo Saveup event in London. We had a great time with the Savoo gang at the amazing Soho Hotel where we actually saw Jason Statham who is apparently dead famous, 

I took some lovely photos which I will post at a later date, but the best part of the weekend was meeting all the other bloggers and getting some great savvy shopper tips as well.

Anyway, I was lucky enough to be given this perfecto Jessica dress by Baukjen by my mum. I can honestly say it is by far the nicest thing in my wardrobe and  plan to wear that for years. 

At £89.99 it's a compete bargain, then the other day Baukjen did a 43% off day! Complete bargain! I actually ended up buying myself thus jumper in lipstick pink, I love it...

I'm wearing it right now! It's angora and it looks absolutely gorgeous, though I'm not sure I'd spend £109 on it -but it was a great price with 43% off.

Anyway, this is the beautiful heart my hubby bought me. At first I thought it wasn't delicate enough but it actually looks really divine and goes well with the Jessica dress too..

So there you have it! Three beautiful items, one birthday, happy days!

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