Monday, 28 October 2013

Take time out with online bingo

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 Being at home with the kids is great if you can manage it; fitting in work from home alongside being a great mum. But that doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to a break from the routine every now and then, whatever form that break may be.

Of course, it’s not always practical to go out and have time away from the kids – you have to arrange for someone else to look after them and if that’s not your partner or a friend, it probably means booking and paying for a babysitter. If you can take time out without leaving the children in someone else’s care, it gives you a chance to have a breather and then be refreshed to carry on being mum for the rest of the day. And there are lots of times during the day to do that. When they’re watching their favourite programme, do you have to watch it with them? What about when they’re having a nap? That time doesn’t have to always be taken up with chores. Fortunately for many of us at home today, we are never alone thanks to the Internet. It gives us a link to the outside world and a vast choice of entertainment that our mothers and their mothers could never have dreamt of. You can down tools at any time and find something to interest you on the Internet, whether it’s the news, gossip, shopping or gaming.

Now, while you may not see the value of games like Candy Crush Saga or Farmville, there are some games that, though simple, can be great value entertainment. Online bingo has become the game of choice for many people who just want something easy and entertaining to distract them for a few minutes, with the added incentive that they just might win an amazing amount of money while playing it! Since the game went online, it’s undergone a renaissance and is now really popular with hundreds of sites to choose from, each of them offering a wide selection of games and prizes. It’s so easy to start playing too.

You can play Costa Bingo’s online bingo now, whatever time it is and wherever you are. All you need to do is sign up and choose a game. You don’t even need to pay to play as there’ s a no-deposit bonus to take advantage of when you first sign up, and if you like what you find, you can then put down an initial deposit and the site will give you a 200% bonus – trebling your original amount. However small an amount you put in, an initial deposit and bonus will go a long way in bingo games – most of them are only pennies to play, and there are lots of free games on the schedules too. At Costa, you can even join in a weekly free game called Costa Crazy, which has a guaranteed £10,000 jackpot. Who’s not going to want to buy a ticket for that one?! Even if you don’t feel you have time to sit and play bingo, you can still buy a ticket for any game you’re interested in and it will play through automatically at the allotted time. Any wins you have will be automatically credited to your account, so you might get a nice surprise the next time you login. Playing bingo on a regular basis may not be right for you, but for a way to take five, it’s always a handy option!


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