Sunday, 3 November 2013

Save £100 a month with my Sunday money saving tips...

So on Friday I found out some amazing news, I am a finalist for Savoo's UK's Smartest Shopper! How cool is that?! So this weekend I will be going down to London along with nine other finalists for my "interview"! So excited as the prize is a cool £10k. Since we are about 10k short of the house of our dreams, that would come in very nicely thank you very much indeed.

So since this blog was mainly created to share as many good deals as possible, and I seem to be more fixated more recently with spending money, rather than saving it (owing largely to a change in our financial circumstances), it only seems right that I share a few of my money saving tips that I've picked up over the years....

1) One thing I've learned is that companies make a lot of money from "lazy" people. What I mean is, people who just carry on letting those lovely direct debits go flowing out of their accounts each month. Check your balance regularly, check your direct debits. Are they all correct? Are any higher than you thought? Check them out, make that call, do it today!

2) After you've checked your direct debits make a list of the things you think you can either do without or make cheaper. I noticed our Sky bill was around £90 a month which is frankly, ridiculous. So I rang them. I said it was too high and we couldn't afford it. The lovely lady on the other end immediately gave me 20% off for six months and free fibre broadband too. The cost? Only the time taken to make that call. We saved around £20 a month just by making that call.

3) Look at your car insurance. Don't just let your new premium begin without checking out what else is out there. Make calls, look online, compare. You'll most probably save around  £60 at least just by shopping around!

4) Ring your energy company, or have an online chat with them like I did! If you can't be bothered to swap (which Dave Cameron tells us we should) then just give them a call and ask for their best deal. Easy peasy and you ALWAYS get a better price. We were paying £146 a month for gas and electricity and now we are paying much less!

5) This is one from my friend Dan. Need new tyres, find them expensive? Don't take your car to Kwikfit whatever you do. Google "cheap tyres" and you'll see there are loads of companies that you book through to get cheaper tyres, you just choose the garage closest to you on their website and book it a few days in advance. As always, being organised and booking things in advance saves loads of money. I think our tyres were about £25 cheaper each doing it this way, and we got the tracking done (the curse of Ford) much cheaper this way too!

So that's it for today, with these tips I reckon you can save at least £100 a month! Make that call, don't accept the price you are given, always say "it's over my budget" and you'll be surprised what companies can offer you.

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