Sunday, 10 November 2013

Time for a new bag?

Ok so although I'm going to be moaning a lot about what a waste of money Christmas presents are in the next few weeks, and ways to save money on them, that doesn't mean I'm not thinking about what I want for my own presents! I'm starting to wonder whether it might be time for me to have a new bag, though if it's a great offer that will of course be a bonus. I like these Kipling bags, in particular this one, it looks really practical for when I'm on "Mummy duties" and other times too (though not sure when those times are). This one looks great as it zips up, goes across the body and is also pretty cool looking. It goes without saying that these bags are currently on sale.
Kipling bag, £49.50
 For something a bit more formal, perhaps for the one Christmas party I've got lined up, I like these Visconti bags especially as they have lots of laptop bags, which is something I also need.

Visconti Bag £59.99
This might be something that I could get for my mum, great quality, really practical and looks great too.  Aside from that, something I really really want just generally are some Ash shoe boots. Baukjen had some on offer a few weeks ago, but they are beige and everyone knows that beige shoes get ruined fast.

What do you want for Christmas this year? Or is it just a great big giant rip off?

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