Friday, 1 November 2013

Top Ten Toys for Little Princesses this Christmas

Unless you’re incredibly organised, building a Christmas list that is suitable for your child (without going overboard and spending frivolously on things she doesn’t need) can be extremely difficult. It’s so easy to get carried away when you’re shopping for toys and games – the marketing strategies clearly work in most cases!
When it comes to little princesses, there’s a whole manner of options to add to her Santa sack that would make her day extra magical – but the cost to you may not be quite so enchanting! If you write your shopping list in advance and keep a record of what you’ve spent, you will have more chance of sticking to a reasonable budget. Spread the cost over the next couple of months and your bank balance will thank you. Here are ten top ideas to make a little girl’s dreams come true.
1.       Little People Princess Songs Palace is a perfect choice for little hands that are just learning to handle figures and playsets. With pieces big enough to play with without being a choking hazard, these fabulous Song Palaces are available from Fisher-price.
2.       Princess Dress-up Outfits are bound to be a winner with little girls who love to immerse themselves in the world of fantasy.
3.       A Doll’s House will last them for many years to come, giving them hours of play independently, with you and with friends. Furniture and figures would make perfect stocking fillers, too. Whether you go for a modern house or a traditional wooden house, your little doll is sure to be delighted.
4.       Pretend Play Stocking Fillers are perfect, budget-friendly additions to her stocking. From pretend lipsticks and hairdryers to bracelets and princess crowns, you can find all manner of things in the shops that won’t break the bank.
5.       Dolls. You can’t go wrong with dolls! Give her hours of fun making up scenarios and enjoying her own company.
6.       Sticker Books may not be classed as “toys” but they are fabulous, affordable gift ideas which teach children dexterity and fine motor skills. A princess themed sticker book would be perfect!
7.       A New Bike would be ideal as a ‘big’ present, even though our winter weather can’t always guarantee suitability to ride it. Choose one with girly details like a basket or streamers.
8.       Minnie Mouse Bowtique continues to be a hugely successful range of toys that coincide with the hit television show. Choose from a “bee-u-ti-ful” myriad of figures, playsets, bathtime fun and cuddly toys!
9.       Dora the Explorer’s Backpack will be a hit with any Dora fan in your home. With everything a little explorer needs stashed away inside it, she can feel like Dora herself!
10.   Role Play toys that will give her the chance to be just like you would be a great idea. A toy washing machine, ironing board or dustpan and brush, for example, will make her feel like a grown-up while also keeping her entertained. Or perhaps she’d prefer a tool set, play kitchen or doctor’s case? Anything that gets that imagination sparking is ideal.
Make Christmas truly special for your little princess by treating her to a selection of fabulous toys that will keep her occupied for hours on end.  

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