Thursday, 7 November 2013

Weekend Money Saving Pledge...

I don't know about you, but for us, the most expensive part of the week is definitely the weekend. Lunches out, shopping, miscellaneous/pointless trips to TK Maxx and Laura Ashley to stock up on rubbish essentials. Not only is it tiring work, it's for the most part pretty pointless. I never sit on a Sunday evening and think, "I'm so glad I wasted spent £95 in B&M Bargains today, I really needed those giant angry birds for the boys bedrooms, where would we be without them?". No, instead I think, "why oh why did we even set foot inside that retail park? The boys hated it, it tired us out, we gained nothing from it as a family, it ate away at our weekend and we bought things we didn't even need. Or possibly want. Did I really need to spend £10 on something that makes my hair into a bun shape? The answer is no." (Speaking of those bun shape things, did you know you can make them really easily out of old socks? Yes, true!)

So this is my advice. One weekend a month, don't spend anything. Yes, that's right. Leave your wallet at home. Go for walks in your local area, play in the park, cook food from your freezer and cupboards that have been there for ages. Make models from stuff in the recycling - like this (from Arty Tots)

Yes, a dolls house made out of milk cartons!
You too can be the proud owner of this awesome dolls house! The thing about staying home and stopping with the splashing of the cash - it actually feels good as a family. You spend time together rather than walking round shops shouting and chasing 2 year olds about. You don't have to worry about your child's behaviour in restaurants, you go back to basics (as John Major would say) and you know what, it's actually pretty cool. Don't sweat the small stuff. One weekend a month make a pledge to spend no money at all, on anything. Stay home, work in the garden, pick up acorns and conkers. Make collages and home made play dough. Make mud pies in the garden and forget about stuff.

Buying stuff won't make you happy, believe me, I've tried.

Can you do it?

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