Saturday, 7 December 2013

Christmas at home or away?

It's that time of year again when I start looking at my bank balance and crying, at the same time as desperately needing to spend money. They say these things come in threes and we've had woe of a month starting with car taxing and MOTing followed by a HIDEOUS gas leak which ended up costing us £800. Admittedly I had smelt gas in the downstairs of our house for quite a while but everyone kept saying it was in my mind. We had it checked out and it turned out there was, indeed, a leak! Initially the whole of the foundations of the house were going to be destroyed to locate the pipes but in the end, British Gas just inserted new pipes in the floor boards, though it still cost us a pretty penny as these things always do.

Anyway, back to money woes, as my regular reader (singular) knows, Christmas is not at all my kind of year. I am not one of those girly girls who goes all gushy about Christmas, quite the opposite in fact, I find the whole thing a bit drag and being nice to people for day son end quite a strain. What I would love more than anything is to get away from it all and actually go away for Christmas. I'm not sure exactly how I would go about doing this in a stress free way, but one way would be to go to London for a few days. There were years that went by when I didn't go to London at all, but in the last twelve months I've been about eight times and it is quite a trek from here too. I love the busyness, the fact that there is so much choice, the quality of things, it's awesome. I'd love for the boys to come with us next time so they can experience all the touristy things, so naturally I'm looking at cheap hotels in London as otherwise the cost can be prohibitive.

Thinking about all the places we'd take them to: Buck House, Westminster, The London Eye, Tower of London etc, so much choice!

Would you take young children to London, is it a mistake? What do we do in the evening?!

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