Sunday, 15 December 2013

Clawing it back after Christmas

For my regular reader (singular) you'll notice a common theme - I am not a fan of Christmas. Never have been, never will be. For me it just conjures up memories of long periods of small talk and spending loads of my own money on things for other people so they can spend an equal amount on me and get me something I don't even want or like. Logically it makes no sense. I'm definitely up for thinking up ways of clawing back some of the expenditure after Christmas, usually this takes the form of returning gifts to shops and then spending the proceeds on something useful for the boys. If it's from M&S it's even better as I can exchange it for some champers or little tiny pies or beef burgers. Yum.

Anyway, back to clawing back some money after Chrimble. Here's my top five:-
1) the obvious thing is the local facebook buying and selling groups. First thing on Boxing day, start listing all the unwanted toys and trinkets, you'll be quids in.
2) Like a bit of Cash in the Attic? Have a hunt around your own (or your parents') house for some potentially valuable antiques, take a look on Value My Stuff and job's a good 'un!
3) Fancy yourself a bit of a writer? Take a look at Yahoo Contributors network - £20 per article and you can do one in ten mins if you're quick, awesome!
4) Do the usual - freeze all your energy prices, ring down suppliers and don't accept what you hear!
5) Give up booze and takeaways! You'll save loads of money PLUS it's better for you. Take walks in your local area for a month rather than actually going anywhere, say hello to every single person you meet and spread the community spirit.

How else do you plan to claw back some of the expenditure of Christmas?

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