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Preparing for visitors - what to organise before their weekend stay

Often when we have visitors over for a weekend, it has been carefully planned and prepared for well in advance. And then there are other times when their arrival is sprung upon you at the last minute. Avoid the panic of last-minute guests and prepare your home for any eventuality by ensuring you have everything you need to be the perfect host.

Here you will find some of the most common questions people ask themselves when guests are coming to stay such as do I have enough room, are the towel rails stocked up and how am I going to feed all of these people! - and the best ways to answer them.

Where Will They Sleep?

Ensuring everyone has a comfortable bed for the night is a top priority for most. You need to think about how many adults you have, how many children, who will want to stay in a room with whom and even who is the loudest snorer. It is not out of the question to ask your prospective guests to bring extra bedding with them if you are running short. Just remember to have your own sheets and pillow cases washed before they arrive. No one wants to rest their head on a pillow that is covered in someone else’s hair.

What Will They Eat?

Providing enough food and drink for your guests is another important preparation you must think about. Most polite guests will bring along some treats with them to help share the load, but if they are travelling a long distance with a car full of people, there are limits to what they can bring. Easy to cook, freezer-ready food is a must-have if you’re being the host with the most, as you can whip out several dishes at once with minimal cooking. A supply of soft drinks and fruit juices is also a good way to go as you can cater for a variety of tastes. You should also check with your guests beforehand if any of them have any allergies or dietary requirements so you can factor this into your planning.

What Will We Do For Fun?

Entertainment is a tricky thing to plan in advance and sometimes the purpose of the trip relieves you of responsibility anyway. Your guests may be staying at yours while you attend a social event together, which negates any further planning on your part. However, the visit may just be a social call, in which case, you need some back-up plans. Games are always a good bet, whether it is a board game or console games you can play together. Or take a look at your local event websites and see if there are some fun activities happening nearby during their stay.

Do I Have Enough Towels?

This may seem like a minor point but you would be surprised at how many times we are caught unawares by this simple requirement. The fact is, people will want to shower, bathe and wash while staying at your house and using a damp towel is a serious no-no. Ensure you have a fully stocked airing cupboard filled with fluffy towels before your guests step foot through the door.

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