Sunday, 19 January 2014

Small Rooms....Big Hearts...

Although I do love living in a new build house, there are quite a few negatives that go along with it as well. The best thing is the very day you first move in. Everything is (or appears to be) totally perfect. The carpet is laid, it's usually had a good clean, everything is totally new. However, as we soon discovered, even after the snagging list is sorted out, there are a few downfalls as well.

One of the main issues in new houses seems to be the room size - usually there are lots of rooms, but they are usually small ones - that is the case in our house. We live over three storeys - the ground floor is a sort of through kitchen with an office at the front and dining area at the back, but if I'm honest, if we have anyone over it's a bit of a squeeze. Our lounge is on the 1st floor and it can feel quite claustrophobic as again, it's small. The bedrooms are actually quite large as far as bedrooms go but I go back to the actual living space - it can feel quite depressing, especially in the winter months when we don't go out as much.

 I remember looking in the show home and being completely taken in with what our house would look like - if we had £10k to spend on interiors that is. The other thing that struck me looking back is the amount of mirrors they have in show homes, I am assuming this is to create a visual illusion of some sort and make the house look a lot bigger. Well, it worked on me.

 So what I've got in mind is more mirrors! It will make our house look lighter, and will also appear bigger and hopefully make me feel less claustrophobic. Mirrors are something you can easily spend a lot of money on, but I don't really see the difference between a £50 mirror and a £250 one, surely as long as it reflects it's all the same? I noticed that Argos have a huge range of mirrors and I really like the heart shaped ones. I am going to put a different mirror in every corridor and living area and see how it makes me feel. I will report back!

Lovely Heart Shaped Mirror from Argos, £14.99


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