Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Trendy Tips for 2014

While many of us usher in the New Year with resolutions for prosperity and health, we often forget to include the most important space within our plans—the home. Energising a tired space doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. By simply de-cluttering and reorganising you can transform your home into a sanctuary for your entire family to enjoy. Sprucing up your furniture can also have a tremendous impact on the quality of your home life. Let’s take a look at how to make your space the epitome of form and function for 2014.
Less Is ‘In’
Fashion mavens are calling 2014 the year for minimalism. What exactly does this mean? Minimalism, on the fashion scene, is defined by clean lines, subdued embellishments, and gravitation towards modern motifs. Before you even consider jumping on the minimal bandwagon, the first thing to do is clean out your clutter. Old and unwanted items should not take up valuable real estate in your home. If you’re overwhelmed by the amount of junk you have, set aside one hour per day to separate the salvageable from the scraps. It may be helpful to divvy things up into three categories: sell, donate, and toss. Local charity stores will often take your unwanted junk and allow you to write it off in your taxes. Otherwise you can have a yard sale or if you’re at your wits end, just toss it out. Once this part is done, the rest is a breeze! Remember, it’ll be worth the effort when you see your clean slate. 
Furniture Face-Lift 
 Want to give your old furnishings a new lease on life but don’t know how? Transforming a table or end piece from drab to fab is simple with these two techniques:
            Staining: The staining process is ideal for wooden tables and chairs. As opposed to painting, staining a piece allows the wood grain to stand out. The process is relatively painless, if you’re in a do-it-yourself mood. Sand down the initial coating with sandpaper and then apply a wood conditioner. After the conditioner has enough time to soak in evenly rub on the wood stain.
            Stripping: Stripping old furniture is a bit more dangerous because of the chemicals involved but the outcome can be well worth it. Stripped wood has an air of elegance and simplicity that’s sure to please any fan of the modern look.
If you’ve exhausted your options and would rather invest in a new piece, then consider purchasing one directly from the manufacturer. That way you’ll avoid the middle man and the price padding that gets added by agents, importers and high street stores. Made.com has modern yet functional chairs that fit right in 2014’s minimalist theme. These subtle upgrades will translate to major benefits in the long run. 
Image courtesy Made.com

So, eliminate years of clutter by organising and rearranging unwanted items, then give your furniture a face lift by either refurbishing old pieces or purchasing new ones direct from the maker.

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