Monday, 3 February 2014

Learn at home with Collins and Letts

Many years ago when I was studying for my GCSEs and A Levels I discovered these handy little things called study guides. Turned out you didn't actually need to concentrate in class that much when you have them, you could basically teach yourself the entire syllabus and still do pretty well. In fact, that's what I did. With the exception of RE and English, I pretty much taught myself the entire syllabus first with my GCSEs then with my A Levels. I'm not ashamed to say that I wasn't swotting away in the library, I was cramming at home, learning parrot fashion everything I needed to know. This worked for me as I have a really good memory and I learned really good memorisation techniques. I did pretty well and even managed a "B" at A Level Chemistry which was previously unheard of at Wakefield College. Happy days! However I soon found that this studying technique only got me so far, in fact, at degree level I was totally out of my depth and found that my high grades didn't actually get me anywhere, since learning by memorisation doesn't do you that much good at a higher level. Anyway, bad times, and I like to think I've developed intellectually (!) since then. Probably not. Anyway, the point is that all my study guides were either Letts or Collins - thank you for helping me pass my exams!

But anyway, enough about me, I was really pleased to receive these lovely Letts and Collins books for my son a few weeks ago...
Collins and Letts goodies!
We got to work straight away on the Lett's handwriting book and maths book - as a teacher I was really impressed with how consistent it was with the curriculum and also how much thought had gone into making them enjoyable for children.

I've actually been looking for something to do with him at home just to help with his fine motor skills a bit so this work really well.

We were also sent some Collins books which I really like - I think boys particularly love non fiction and it was great to see my boys flicking through these and asking questions. Some of them even contain stickers and as you can see, these have gone down a treat!

Space stickers, gone!

I was really impressed with the quality of these books and feel sure we will be using them for weeks to come! At a price of bnetween £3.99 and £9.99 each I think these are really good value - to get your own go to 

These were sent to me for review purposes but all thoughts and opinions are my own - and my children's!

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